Pomstyle Alessandra

Pomstyle Alessandra 


отец: Grand Ch. Golden Kiss At Midnight of Pikatchu

мать: Pomstyle Hallmark Charming Card

дата рождения: 17.11.2013

Питомник «Pomstyle»

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Grand CH.

Golden Kiss At Midnight of Pikatchu

CH & Int. Ch.

Unbeaten Mr Flip of Pikatchu


Finch ‘s Walkin’ After Midnite

Damascusroad Dream of Tahiti

Jenuwane Joy of Pikatchu

Can Ch.

Jenuwane Kool Running

Jenuwane U Got That Look

Pomstyle Hallmark Charming Card

Multy JBISS/Multy BIG


CR Dream A Little Dream

BISS Can/Am Ch.

Island’s Hanging With The Band


CR Dream Mercedes

Rus CH

AC Dynasty Continuity Success

BIS Am.Can.Thai Gr. Ch

Tokie The Legend Continues

Chriscendo Cabana