Pomstyle Try To Resist

Pomstyle Try To Resist


        отец: JBISS/JBIS CR Dream A Little Dream

мать: Small Diamond Zellas Kiss

дата рождения: 05.11.2012

Питомник «Pomstyle»


Multy JBISS/Multy BIG ЮЧР/ЮЧНКП CR Dream A Little Dream

BISS Can/Am Ch. Island’s Hanging With The Band

Can/Am Ch. CR Classic Act

CH. CR Dream Mercedes

Pominique Flecks of Gold

BISS Am.Ch. Finch’s See Me Comin

Am. Ch. Bachman’s My Dream Porche

Small Diamond Zellas Kiss

Rus Ch. Can Ch.

Foxworth Film Festival

Am/Can/Thai/BIS Ch.

Starlight’s Fun Times

Сhriscendo Court Dancer

Foxworth Film star

CH. Chriscendo Coldplay

Royalty Destined For Tim Sue